Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III announced today that Ryan M. Place (DOB 7-25-85) of 309 Greenfield Avenue, Milton, NY was sentenced to 20 years incarceration following his conviction on June 16, 2014 of all nine counts of an Indictment stemming from an incident that initially occurred on July 21, 2013 in the Town of Saratoga.
Place was convicted for abducting a former girlfriend by restraining her in a secluded wooded area off Brown Road in the Town of Saratoga near Saratoga Lake on July 21, 2013. Place dragged his victim into the woods by her hair, beat her repeatedly and made her dig a shallow grave with her bare hands. He threatened to kill her and leave her for dead. Over the course of the kidnapping, he also forcibly took her near a small pond where he threatened to drown her telling her that is where her dead body would be found by authorities in the days ahead. He also assaulted her, causing bruising, lacerations and a fractured rib. He threatened to harm a member of her family if she reported the incident to the police. The following day, he stole her car, cell phone and car keys, preventing her from leaving. Additionally, Place had an encounter with the victim’s father that day, during which time Place assaulted him. Finally, Place was convicted for harassing the victim after she reported the incident to the police.
At sentencing today, the victim once again bravely faced her attacker and related how this incident has impact her life and the lives of her family and friends. She looked Place in the eye and told him “…I, though stronger as a result of this horrible experience, am still haunted by it every single day. I am grateful to be alive.”
Assistant District Attorney Kristin T. Foust commended the victim on her strength, perseverance and bravery as the case made its way through the criminal justice process. Foust noted that even after Place has been convicted by 12 members of the jury, “…he continues to minimize his conduct and actions and places blame on others.” While defendant Place is only 29 years old, he has spent over 8 of the last ten years incarcerated for prior felony offenses.
Before imposing sentencing, Saratoga County Court Judge Jerry J. Scarano addressed Place and told the defendant he is “… a dangerous individual and I believe society is better protected when you are behind bars”. Judge Scarano then sentenced the defendant as follows:
Kidnapping in the Second Degree, Penal Law Section 135.20 20 years to be followed by 5 years of post-release supervision
Assault in the Second Degree, Penal Law Section 120.05(6) 7 years to be followed by 5 years of post-release supervision
Assault in the Third Degree, Penal Law Section 120.00(1) 1 year
Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, Penal Law Section 155.30(8) minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 years
Petit Larceny (2 counts), Penal Law Section 155.25 1 year
Attempted Assault in the Third Degree, Penal Law Sections 110.00/120.00(1) 3 months
Harassment in the Second Degree, Penal Law Section 240.26(1) 15 days
Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree, Penal Law Section 240.30(2) 1 year

All sentences are to run concurrently.
Murphy praised the work of Sheriff Michael Zurlo and the men and women of his Department for their work in this difficult case, particularly in identifying the scene of the crime which was in a densely wooded area and challenging to locate and secure evidence from.
Murphy said “I am so proud of the victim who got up on the stand, looked the defendant in the eye and told her story truthfully and with confidence. Assistant DA Kristin Foust, who tried the case, enabled the victim to tell the jury this harrowing tale in a safe environment, which ultimately brought Mr. Place to justice.”