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Tips Hotline

Criminal Activity

If you suspect criminal activity in your neighborhood, you can report your suspicions by using the Tips Hotline.

1-518-584-TIPS (8477)

Saratoga County’s crime tip hotline was set up in July 2001 as a joint effort by the District Attorney’s Office, local police agencies, and the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. The number rings at the Saratoga Springs Police Department, where it is staffed during daytime hours on weekdays by a retired Saratoga Springs police investigator. When no one is manning the phone, callers can leave recorded messages. The system is confidential. Suspicions involving alleged crimes outside the Saratoga Springs city limits will be forwarded to the correct police agency.

Thanks to the generous contribution of local Saratoga County business the Tips Hotline can provide rewards to individuals who provide information which leads to criminal convictions.  The fund is maintained and accessed by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.  Neither the Saratoga County District Attorney’s Office nor any police agency has control or access to the reward account.   The Chamber determines the amount of the reward and is obtained through contacting them at Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, attention: Todd Shimkus, President.

Underage Drinking

If you suspect underage drinking, you can report your suspicions by using the Underage Drinking Hotline.

1-866-UNDER 21

You may call 1-866-UNDER 21 anonymously to report an underage drinking party, bars or bartenders serving those under 21, or a convenience or alcohol beverage retailer selling to those under 21.  Your call will be answered 24 hours a day by a New York State Police Officer who will take your information.   You may provide specifics as to who you are, or you may chose to remain anonymous.  Each call will be investigated.  DA Heggen works closely with the New York State Police to investigate and prosecute individuals who directly or indirectly give alcohol to minors. Providing alcohol to a minor (someone less than 21) is a crime in New York.  The maximum penalty for doing so is up to one year in jail and a misdemeanor conviction, plus a fine.  Equally importantly, a minor can be placed in serious jeopardy regarding his or her health and welfare.   The Prevention Council in Saratoga Springs can help.  MADD in Saratoga County can help.  Please don’t provide alcohol to minors. Learn more about NYSP Under 21.