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Local Court Assignments

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court assignmentsOn August 21, 1878 a group of seventy-five distinguished attorneys, judges and law teachers from twenty states and the District of Columbia gathered in the Saratoga Springs City Hall and in the court room to consider the future of the practice of law in the United States.  Their deliberations concluded with the formation of the American Bar Association dedicated to the promotion of integrity and professionalism among the lawyers of the Country, and the advancement of legal education.  Pictured above, the Saratoga Springs City Court Room 450 where this historic event occurred. This is the location where Saratoga Springs City Court still meets today every day, over 134 years ago in historic City Hall.

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Saratoga County Local Court Assignments

Town of Ballston518-885-8502518-885-0400Louis P. Renzi518-885-2263
Village of Ballston Spa518-885-6393518-885-3864Samuel V. Maxwell518-885-2263
Village of Ballston Spa-V&T518-885-6393518-885-3864S. Scott Perkins518-584-4191
Town of Charlton518-384-0152518-384-3200S. Scott Perkins518-584-4191
Town of Clifton Park518-371-6668518-371-3963Anna P. Besson518-885-2263
Town of Clifton Park-V&T518-371-6668518-371-3963Tahnya N. Grazulis518-885-2263
Town of Clifton Park-DV518-371-6668518-371-3963Meghan A. Horton518-885-2263
Town of Corinth518-654-9232518-654-6122Shawn M. Lescault518-885-2263
Town of Day518-696-3789518-696-5391Shawn M. Lescault518-885-2263
Town of Edinburg518-863-2793518-863-2985Jesse L. Ashdown518-885-2263
Town & Village of Galway518-882-6070518-882-9135Mary T. Northrup 518-885-2263
Town of Greenfield518-893-7432518-893-2502Mary T. Northrup518-885-2263
Town of Greenfield-V&T518-893-7432518-893-2502S. Scott Perkins518-584-4191
Town of Hadley518-696-4379518-696-5516Shawn M. Lescault518-885-2263
Town of Halfmoon518-371-2592518-371-0258Joseph A. Frandino518-885-2263
Town of Halfmoon-V&T518-371-2592518-371-0258Tahnya N. Grazulis518-885-2263
Town of Malta518-899-6797518-899-2312Charles O. Bucca518-885-2263
Town of Malta-V&T518-899-6797518-899-2312Tahnya N. Grazulis518-885-2263
City of Mechanicville518-453-5959518-453-8678Sarah J. Leszczynski518-885-2263
Town of Milton518-885-9267518-884-8317John D. Leggett518-885-2263
Town of Milton V&T518-885-9267518-884-8317S. Scott Perkins518-584-4191
Town of Moreau518-793-3188518-793-3294Adele M. Kurtz518-885-2263
Town of Northumberland518-745-0718518-745-0058Louis P. Renzi518-885-2263
Town of Providence518-882-6753518-882-6753Gordon W. Eddy518-885-2263
Town of Saratoga518-695-6887518-695-3264Rachael W. Phelan518-885-2263
City of Saratoga Springs518-451-8780518-453-8686Lyn A. Murphy
Samuel V. Maxwell
City of Saratoga Springs-V&T518-451-8780518-453-8686Louis P. Renzi518-885-2263
City of Saratoga Springs-DWIs518-451-8780518-453-8686Rachael W. Phelan518-885-2263
City of Saratoga Springs-DV518-451-8780518-453-8686Victoria R. Ruglis518-885-2263
Town of Stillwater518-664-6946518-664-9837Anna P. Besson518-885-2263
Town of Stillwater-V&T518-664-6946518-664-9837S. Scott Perkins518-584-4191
Town of Waterford518-237-6788518-238-2557Lyn A. Murphy518-885-2263
Town of Wilton518-587-1980518-583-6443Andreanna M. Diliberto518-885-2263
Town of Wilton-V&T518-587-1980518-583-6443Louis P. Renzi518-885-2263
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