Royal Hamilton gets convicted second time for jail related assault while in Saratoga County Jail. Will receive prison on November 8th.

Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III announced today the conviction of Royal D. Hamilton (5-27-81) of 28 Jefferson Street, Saratoga Springs, NY and also of the Saratoga County Jail in Milton, NY for the crime of Attempted Assault in the Second degree a Class E felony for having attempted to cause physical injury to another person while Hamilton was an inmate in the Saratoga County Jail. He attempted to cause physical injury to another inmate by punching him in the head causing bruising and pain while the two were initially engaged in a verbal exchange on July 24, 2013.

This the second time Hamilton has been convicted of a jail related assault, the first having occurred on October 9, 2012 while he was being held for a parole violation for failing to obey his parole officers orders. In that case he caused injury to another inmate by punching him in the face causing a broken nose and lacerations to the face and head. Hamilton was tried and was convicted after a jury trial.

In this case, Hamilton escalated what was a verbal argument into a physical altercation when he attacked the other inmate. Hamilton was in the jail on this occasion because he had been convicted of the October 9th assault and was awaiting sentencing on that charge which is to occur on November 8, 2013. It is expected that he will receive a sentence of 5 years in a state prison relating to that assault.
Sentencing on the latest assault conviction is also schedule for November 8th when it is expected that he will receive a prison sentence as well.
DA Murphy said “Not only is it our responsibility to protect the public but we must protect inmates in our correctional facilities as well. This is the second conviction for a jail related assault for Mr. Hamilton and so he will be going from jail to a NYS Correctional Facility on November 8th when Judge Scarano sentences him. The penalty always go up as the level of violence increases.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 8, 2013