Saratoga County District Attorney Karen A. Heggen reports her office received a decision this afternoon from Acting Supreme Court Judge James A. Murphy, III concerning The People of the State of New York v. Vito E. Caselnova.  In that decision, Judge Murphy determined that the “[d]efendant’s motion to dismiss is hereby granted without prejudice and the People are granted leave to re-present the case to a new grand jury.” 

In responding to the decision, District Attorney Heggen states, “Even though the Court’s decision dismissed the indictment against Vito Caselnova, the Court has given our office leave to re-present the same case regarding Mr. Caselnova to a new grand jury.  The Court’s decision raised issues with the way the case was presented–it does not absolve Mr. Caselnova of any wrongdoing.  We will take our time to thoroughly review the court’s concerns and will move forward with the case.”

DATED:  September 20, 2023