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The DA’s Office in the Saratoga County School District

The District Attorney’s Office regularly reaches out to schools, colleges and communities to increase their awareness of the criminal justice system and the services available.  This fosters trust in the criminal justice system so that we may enhance public safety, better serve the community, and establish productive pathways of communication between the government and the people.  If you would like to hear of upcoming events or request a prosecutor to speak in your school, please call the Saratoga County District Attorney’s Office at 885-2263, or send us an email from our Contact the D.A. form.
Topics can range from making healthy choices and positive behavior to discussions of the penal law and how the criminal justice system works, depending upon grade level and topic being studied.  Please be as specific as possible when requesting the DA so that the appropriate preparation can be done and age appropriate materials can be coordinated.

We look forward to questions during these classroom sessions.